Who’s In Center?


It’s official, Jim Edmonds has signed on with Lou’s crew, one year at the pro-rated league minimum ($284,000). I don’t just like the move, I love it!

Edmonds makes sense for Chicago. His defensive prowess is still there and he’ll provide a little left-handed pop in the order. Not to mention, he’s also playing for peanuts.

Felix Pie, on the other hand, continues to struggle hitting major league pitching. While it would certainly help the youngster to play more often, that’s a risk the Cubs shouldn’t take if they want to win the division.

That being said, I don’t think Pie’s time with the Cubs organization is on the rocks. There’s no question Edmonds is a quick-fix gamble, Pie is still the future in centerfield, as he should be.

Also, I have little doubt Edmonds’ arrival will disrupt the Cubs’ clubhouse, unless the team starts losing: then no one is happy anyway.

In fact, I think Jimmy Ballgame will add a spark to the club, especially if he returns to his old self at the dish.

Clearly, Edmonds is past his prime, but he has valuable experience playing under the pressures of a pennant chase and the post season with St. Louis. Not to mention, he’s performed quite well in October (.277 avg, 12 HR, 42 RBIs).

Really, the only thing left to discuss is where Edmonds will bat in the Cubs’ line-up.

I picture Soriano staying in the leadoff spot followed by Fukudome switching from fifth to second; next are Lee and Ramirez hitting third and fourth followed by Edmonds in the five hole; Geovany Soto will bat sixth with DeRosa and Theriot rounding out the seventh and eighth spots.

One exception to this particular order may have Edmonds hitting fourth to split up the right-handed batting Lee and Ramirez. Although, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with Edmonds hitting cleanup while currently batting .178 (avg).

1 – Soriano LF

2 – Fukudome RF

3 – Lee 1B

4 – Ramirez 3B

5 – Edmonds CF

6 – Soto C

7 – DeRosa 2B

8 – Theriot SS

9 – Pitcher



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2 responses to “Who’s In Center?

  1. Edmonds is seriously terrible now. he is living off that catch he made with the angels from the 90s

  2. bullpenbrian


    I won’t deny that Edmonds’ numbers with San Diego (.178, 1 HR, 6 RBIs – .265 OBP) appear to signal the end of an extremely solid major league career.

    Still, a couple of nifty catches isn’t the only reason Edmonds has managed a 16-year big league career.

    Jim’s career numbers (.286, 363 HR, 1,127 RBIs) tell me he’s better than his slow start with the Padres.

    I also believe the calf injury he suffered this spring may have something to do with his rapid decline at the plate. If healthy – Jim has to pass a physical today – he could turn out to be a real steal for the Cubs.

    Plus, had the Padres not slumped to the worst record in the majors Edmonds would still be in southern California.

    Instead, S.D. has made the decision to play some younger guys, which, is probably the best move considering they’re last in the majors in batting and 10 games below .500 in mid-May.

    Ideally, Edmonds was icing on the cake this year for a Padres team that should have made the playoffs last season. But, life doesn’t always play out like we expect it too – the Rockies taught S.D. this lesson last year.

    In baseball they’re a variety of reason why signing don’t always work; guys either get injured or they don’t fit within a team’s philosophy for winning; other times the team just can’t score runs (like the Padres) and the result can leave some players chopped off at the neck. This is part of the game, albeit an expensive part at times.

    When it comes to this juncture a change of scenery is often the best move for both parties. Edmonds is expendable in S.D. and a move the franchise needed to make.

    Conversely, signing Edmonds is a no-brainer for Chicago. Jim has what the Cubs are looking for to improve as a team: left-handed bat, some power and post-season experience.

    Even if Edmonds is only half of what he use to be statistically, he’s still of value to the Cubs.

    If it doesn’t work…so what, Chicago is paying him PEANUTS!!! Cut the guy and move on.

    Thanks for checking out the article my man!

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