Climbing Everest


  • Friday May 30th – Wrigley Field
  • Game 55: Cubs 10 – Rockies 9
  • Record (34-21) – 1st place in the NL Central

This is a game to be remembered. Not just for today, or just for this season. No, this one won’t be forgotten by Cubs fans for a long, long time.

 You just don’t see comebacks like this one: down 9-1 after five innings only to storm back for a dramatic victory. Seriously, when’s the last time you saw that happen?

Perhaps, what’s even more remarkable is the Cubs won this game with a never-say-die attitude from its reserve players; bench guys who simply made the most of their opportunities.

Henry Blanco, for example, had not homered since Sept., 2006. Light-hitting Fukudome hit one, too. Old man Jim Edmonds took a ball deep over the wall and, of course, Mark DeRosa put the icing on the cake with his two-run blast in the eighth.

Good teams find all sorts of ways way to win, which speaks volumes about today’s thriller. It certainly wasn’t pretty early on. But after today’s comeback you can rest at ease knowing our first place Cubbies may get down, but they’re never out. These guys are legit, and their best this season may be yet to come.



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