A New ‘C’ for DeRosa

Replacing Mark DeRosa in the lineup won’t be as difficult as finding a new quote machine for the Cubs.

Always well spoken, DeRosa was a regular guest on Chicago sports radio as well as the mouthpiece for the the Cubs’ players in the post game interviews.

It’s rare these days to find any player who speaks his mind truthfully rather than settling for the good ‘ol sports cliches.

Still, on the baseball side it’s not a bad move by Hendry; DeRosa’s stock is high after setting career highs at the plate in HR (21), RBIs (87), walks (69) and runs (103).

And, at 33-years-old Mark will finally have a full-time spot at with Cleveland at 3B – or wherever else he’s needed.

The addition of Aaron Miles fills the utility-role left vacant with DeRosa’s departure to Cleveland and it’s also time to find out if Mike Fontenot can be an everyday player at 2B.

Completing the D-Ro deal are three minor league pitchers, none of which appear to be around for long in the Cubs organization.

Everything I’m reading says Hendry is going to swing the newly acquired prospects in another deal, preferably for a left-handed power bat.

And let’s face it, nothing brightens a trade proposal like young starting pitching…something EVERY TEAM is in search of these days.

Of course, I feel disappointed for DeRosa, a stand up guy who wanted nothing more than to help bring a championship to the North Side.

Sure, in many ways Cleveland offers DeRosa similar opportunities: the Indians haven’t won a championship since 1948, the Jake is a modern day gem and the club itself is a legitimate playoff contender.

All that being said, nothing quite matches playing in Wrigley Field on a team World Series bound.

So long No. 7, we’ll miss you, especially in the post game.


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