Why I Bought A Snuggie

This afternoon I ordered two Snuggie blankets.

For those not familiar, it’s the latest fad for “As seen on TV” products.

Basically, it’s a blanket with sleeves, which allows one to keep their hands free while staying snuggled up on the couch.

What I didn’t know, surprisingly, is how much sleeveless blankets have become an issue for so many Americans, including myself.

But not any longer, thanks to Snuggie.

Anyway, it won’t be long before I’m keeping in style wearing a Cubbie Blue Snuggie while being far lazier than usual on the ol’ couch cushions.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m the ultimate sucker, and quite possible you’re right, or maybe, you’re thinking about ordering a Snuggie too!

This is 2009, after all; shouldn’t we all have a blanket with sleeves?

Water to wine, flying, all thanks to Snuggie

Snuggies are popular in space too

Not a Snuggie

Not a Snuggie


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One response to “Why I Bought A Snuggie

  1. the Snuggie give you an excuse to dress like a Jedi

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