Jim Bowden Found Dirty In D.C.

No way Jim Bowden last through Spring Training.

Allegedly, the Nats GM has partaken in illegal scouting practices – specifically, skimming signing bonus money intended for Latin American prospects.

Bowden can whistle ‘white rabbits, white rabbits’ – an old wise tale rehearsed to clear smoke from a camp fire – all he wants, but there’s no escaping the smoke from this fire.

It’s inevitable the Nationals will cut ties with Bowden. He’s dipped into the company’s ink and that’s unforgivable…even in the nation’s capitol. But losing Bowden might be the best move the franchise has made since ditching Montreal.

Under his guidance the Nats have averaged a meek 71 wins per year since 2005; and just 67 wins during the past three season.

Worse, Bowden has repeated his exact failures in Cincinnati (1992-2003) with Washington–hording a plethora of outfielders, ignoring quality starting pitching and depleting the farm system.

In large part, the Reds still haven’t recovered from Jim’s tenure. Washington, undoubtedly, is heading down the same losing road with Bowden behind the wheel.

Don’t tell me there’s not a better GM available!

Washington can surely find one with a better winning-percentage and higher character than Bowden, too.

The Nats need not sing white rabbits, just clearing out Bowden’s office will be sufficient.


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