Marmol Forfeits Closer’s Role

So much for the Cubs’ closer competition, Carlos Marmol is forfeiting with his decision to pitch for the D.R. in the Classic.

No, it’s not official, but believe me, the competition is over, Kevin Gregg is the Cubs’ closer.

And I have to believe Marmol knows this too or he wouldn’t have declined the invite from the D.R. in the first place.

Of course, I don’t know why Marmol changed his mind, but I still think it’s a silly decision.

It’d be one thing for Marmol to play in the Classic if he was pitching for San Diego or Pittsburgh -teams with little hope of even reaching .500- but obviously he’s not.

Instead, the talented righty is suiting up for the NL’s most talented team, the Cubs.

And by leaving spring camp to pitch full-bore on the heals of his Winter League season he’s risking the health of his right arm and the opportunity to play/close for a championship caliber team. Not smart.

Besides, what’s there to gain from fulfilling this national pride to play for the D.R., a World Baseball Classic ring?

Are you kidding me, Carlos?

Sure, I understand his desire to pay tribute to his country, which is honorable in itself, and that if the D.R. wins the whole darn thing, which, isn’t that far fetched, he’ll be a national hero in the Dominican.

But let’s be real here, if Carlos tosses the final pitch to clinch the Cubs’ first World Series title in 101 years his legacy will reach far beyond any title he’ll win with the D.R.

The baseball word, far expanding the boarders of the Dominican, will remember him for the ages if he helps land Chicago a ring.

But all that legendary talk isn’t important right now, the Cubs making and winning in the post season is.

And to do that they’ll need a healthy Carlos Marmol…his teammates are counting on him to be ready for the next seven months, God bless him -and Cubs Nation- if he returns from the Classic injured.


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