Edmonds Still Available

I was a big Jim Edmonds supporter last year, loved what the guy brought to the Cubs.

And I was expecting Chicago to bring him back for a second go-round this season.

Although I won’t argue with the acquisition of Joey Gathright, I’d take just about any outfielder over Milton Bradley, including Jimmy Ballgame.

However, Edmonds is still a F.A., and after the season he put together in 2008 I’m surprised not a single team has taken a shot on the 38-year-old.

Wrigley is still the perfect park for Jim: small in the outfield and conducive to his fly-ball approach at the plate.

That being said, should he find himself playing in a similar home park (dimension wise) to Wrigley Field I think the guy has another good year-or-two left in his tank.

Of course, many thought he was finished last year, but his number says otherwise: .343 OBP – 20 HRs – 55 RBIs.

So, based on possible home parks and roster needs I think Edmonds signing with Kansas City, Detroit or Houston makes the most sense.


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