Where’s Chinski’s Flag?

The only downside to retiring Fergie’s and Mad Dog’s No. 31 is that the ceremony is being held before a game against the Marlins.

The Cubs never play the Marlins well…a small dose of Cubbie occurrence I tell you!

Obviously though, that’s not the point.

The bright side is that it’s happening in the first place, not to mention, it’s a clever and creative move by the front office to honor both players simultaneously.

And who knows, maybe the acknowledgment of Maddux’s career in Chicago helps lure Mad Dog into being the club’s pitching coach some day, perhaps when Ryno becomes the next manager???

But before that would ever happen the Cubs should also sail a flag in honor of the organization’s winningest pitcher of all-time, Charley Root, a.k.a. Chinski.

I’m not sure what number Root wore with the Cubs – his career with Chicago began in 1926, however, uniform numbers were not standard until 1932 – but his (201) career wins during 16 years of service is worthy of a flag atop Wrigley.

And for heaven’s sake, from 1926-33 the guy never won less than 15 games…now that’s note worthy!!!

Other than these three Cubs hurlers the pickings are slim for jersey retirements.

Next in line is Zambrano under two conditions.

  • a) he helps end the World Series drought.
  • b) his career last another 10-plus years and he eclipse Root’s (201) victories…currently Z has (96).

But heck, if the Cubs win the Series they can retire the whole damn team for all I care.


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