Using Marmol

Throwing the nastiest slider in the NL comes at a price.

Meaning everything about Carlos Marmol’s violent delivery says the guy is going to run into some serious arm trouble eventually.

And while modern medicine can extend pitching careers, it won’t save Carlos’ devastating slider.

That said, I wouldn’t change Marmol’s style one-bit…instead, I ride that right arm of his until it snaps like a rubber band.

Why care if down the road the extra rest that comes with being a closer buys Marmol another year-or-two on the mound???

The Cubs window to actually win a World Series is RIGHT NOW.

And the club’s chances of doing just that are greatly increased the more Marmol is on the bump protecting any leads.

Sure, it’s a selfish gamble to use Marmol in this fashion, but winning the Series is what the guy is here for.

And if that means running him out there every other game for multiply innings I’m all for it.

Look, which would you rather have, a Cubs World Championship with a burned-out Marmol or a healthy championship drought with a closer on the brink of a career-threatening injury?

The brightest fires don’t burn the longest…and the Cubs must take advantage before Marmol flames out.


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One response to “Using Marmol

  1. afrankangle

    Well said … Arm trouble isn’t if … it’s when, especially with Marmol; but for now, he’s got serious heat.

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