Field of Dreams

The Cubs want a new Spring Training ballpark in Mesa or they’re leaving the desert for Florida come 2012.

Ownership wants upgraded facilities at its spring home–more batting cages and additional seating.

Mesa, of course, can’t afford to let the Cubs skip town: lose the Cubs and the city loses millions of tourist dollars.

The mere threat of relocation, along with the Cubs expiring contract in 2012, puts the city on the hot-seat to act promptly.

The Cubs, however, have all the leverage. They’re the longest tenured team in the Cactus League and continually draw the biggest crowds.

Mesa, it seems, has but two options–either provide the Cubs with everything they want and more, or simply watch the Cubs walk away.

But one way for the city to balance the table is by building a modern day replica of Wrigley Field, only this one would be loaded with state-of-the-art training facilities.

Basically, create Wrigley Field West, an attraction that’s sure to lure Cubs fans far and wide. How could the Cubs resist?

What I’m saying is, build it Mesa, and they will come.


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