Marmol Thinking NFL

Two seasons in the bigs and Carlos Marmol already has an ego problem suitable for the NFL.

His melancholy comments in regards to being named the set-up man, and not the closer, are far from congratulatory words for teammate Kevin Gregg.

“I guess it’s good for the team,” said Marmol.

Worse, Marmol is now saying the team’s competition for the closer’s role was a hoax, that he’s been mislead and that the Cubs already had their mind made up Gregg would be closing even before heading to Spring Training.

How convenient Marmol mutters this after the fact. No sense mentioning these views a few weeks ago, Carlos?

I said something about it as soon as Marmol left Arizona for the Classic.

As much as Carlos doesn’t want to believe it, he, more than anyone else made this decision for Lou by leaving Mesa.

It’s Carlos who decided his own fate by skipping out of Cubs camp to pitch in the Classic; Carlos who blew a crucial lead for the Dominicans against the Netherlands; Carlos who got out-pitched by Gregg in Spring Training; and Carlos who’s worn the bad attitude throughout camp.

I have no doubt Marmol can be a superior closer one day, but today isn’t his turn. He’s got to deal with it.

The story, however, not to be overlooked is that thankfully, the Cubs have a pitcher with all the tools to be a terrific closer: stuff, attitude and look.

So, there’s no reason not to be excited about Gregg closing, unless you’re Marmol, whose ego has ballooned so much he can’t see the good in it.

It’s simple, really: Marmol wants now what he hasn’t earned…Lou isn’t giving it to him and Marmol doesn’t like it. If Marmol truly believes he’s the right man to close, he can prove that by being a dominate setup man to Gregg.

If Carlos can’t live with Gregg as the closer, then tough, he can take his act to the NFL where’s there’s always room for another T.O.

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