Long Live The Oakland A’s

Photo | Yahoo! Sports

It appears the Oakland A’s are heading towards San Jose–permanently.

The club’s proposal for a new ballpark village in the Fremont area turned sour in late February and a second approach isn’t scheduled.

Meanwhile, the Raiders still hold court in the Oakland Coliseum leaving little chance the stadium is demolished in favor of a baseball-only facility.

But one thing’s for certain, the days of MLB & NFL franchises sharing the same playing field are over.

It’s a struggle as it is for the A’s, playing in the nation’s 44th largest market, to keep its head above water financially. Continuing to play in a football stadium won’t help matters.

On paper moving the team not only seems likely, but highly beneficial for the Athletics organization.

San Jose is the state’s third largest city, the 10 largest in the U.S., and the area’s disposable income is one of the highest in the country. Think Silicon Valley.

Yet despite San Jose’s fondness for the Giants, a new ballpark in the city’s backyard would certainly help realign some long standing loyalties. But you have to feel for A’s fans.

Since 1968 the franchise has played in the ageing Oakland Coliseum, won four world championships and managed to keep the east side of the bay on the map, despite it’s economic downturn. But city officials are unimpressed and maintain a new home for the A’s isn’t a top priority.

That’s heartbreaking news for Oakland fans who are only left to anticipate an announcement their beloved A’s are heading to greener pastures.

I can only imagine if the same were true of the Cubs? My goodness, what would I do?

Let me say I’d be the first to lead a small militia around Wrigley Field, but such a stir still wouldn’t defeat the inevitable, and A’s fans, unfortunately, are about to find this out first hand.

If the city of Oakland stands firm in its decision not to build a new stadium, you can believe the A’s will be equally as stubborn and relocate to San Jose. 

Moneyball in Silicon Valley? It just doesn’t seem right.


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