Renovating Wrigley

Upgrading Wrigley Field should be a top priority whenever this sale goes through.

And I’m talking about improvements far beyond the new batter’s eye box and lame ads covering the outfield ivy.

Look no further than Boston and the superb job they’ve done renovating Fenway beginning in 2001.

Not only did the Red Sox realize the need for such upgrades, but they also understood the correct answer had nothing to do with tearing the park down or simply standing pat while the yard disintegrated.

Instead, the ownership group started making significant upgrades such as revamping the playing field, adding more restrooms and fitting the Green Monster with seats.

And during the last eight years Boston’s efforts have continuously improved the park for both its players and fans, proving it’s in the Cubs best interests to follow suit.

Of course, what’s also noteworthy about Fenway’s face-lift is the importance placed on making the improvements with class, basically, maintaining the old ballpark’s feel, which applies directly to Wrigley as well.

Yet, the most significant outcome in Boston was the reassurance for the next 50 years that the park is suitable for baseball.

Surprisingly, Boston took the project so seriously that they’ve spent more money on improving the park than they have on landing top-tier free-agents.

Makes sense though, the Red Sox are just another team without its 97-year-old park…no Fenway, no giant payroll.

Again, same holds true for the Cubs, which is why Chicago must follow Boston’s path at Wrigley.

And this entails upgrading Wrigley’s facilities for both its players and fans, keeping the park’s Old Style feel and making sure the team calls the yard home for another 50+ years.

I fully understand not all Cubs fans are down with this.

But it’s 2009 and the times, they are a changin’, so get with the program.

Eventually, Wrigley becomes unusable without some proper TLC, like the kind experienced at Fenway.

Let’s hope the new ownership refurbishes the outside of Wrigley’s stone work, adds more restrooms, adds more seats to the bleachers, adds some more to the upper deck and basically follows Boston’s lead step-by-step.

What’s already worked in Boston will also work in Chicago.

And who knows, maybe it applies to winning championships too.


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One response to “Renovating Wrigley

  1. I am the first to be a fan of tradition and all that accompanies it. That being said, Wrigley is due for a major makeover.

    If the Red Sox and Yankees can do it, there is no reason for the Cubs not to.

    It always killed me when some fans would argue against putting up ads and things of that nature, and then in the same breath argue that the team refused to spend big time money.

    I with you on this one Brian.

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