Gotham’s New Yard

The New Yankee Stadium is soooo American: super-sized, gaudy and certain it’s No.1.

Nothing wrong with that, we’re a fantastic country and it’s a terrific brand-spanking new diamond.

And in typical Big Apple fashion, New Yorkers would accept nothing less.

Baseball fans outside N.Y. are outraged by the 70% hike in Yankee ticket prices, but understand Bomber fans will embrace them without hesitation.

It screams we’re the biggest the badest and the best, which is exactly what New Yorkers exude… and exactly why so many fans dislike Gotham!!!


Sportscasters are already talking about the stadium’s firsts: hits, runs etc…but nothing counts yet, these are merely exhibition games and should be treated as such in the record books.

Besides, if the firsts are so meaningful stop lessening the value with talk about who did what first…the firsts haven’t happened yet!


Ted Lilly is behind in his spring work because of the dang World Baseball Classic, and he looked like it tonight.

Let’s see if Lou pushes him back in the rotation, taking advantage of the two off days during the first week of the season.

Just remembering Lilly’s slow start last year makes it worth consideration.


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