Aramis The Man


There’s not a better clutch hitter on the Cubs than Aramis. Period. 

The more dramatic the situation it’s all the better for Ramirez. Brewers, White Sox, Cardinals–Aramis has tagged each for dramatic game-winning hits.

I’ll continue to say the Cubs’ third baseman is one of the most under appreciated players in all of baseball. Why, I don’t know?

He’s solid defensively, is a situational hitter, hits for average, hits for power and most importantly, hits in the clutch.

Aramis has 11 RBIs, eight of which have come with two outs. He was again the difference maker Saturday going 3-for-4 with 3 RBI.

Today was all about the walks, none bigger than Soriano’s free pass setting up Aramis’ game-winning blast.

Back track to the fifth where Soriano and Fukudome draw walks setting up D-Lee’s double to tie the game at 4-4.

The following inning Soto walks and scores the go-ahead run on Miles’ RBI single.

On the flip side, St. Louis draws leadoff walks in the both the 10th & 11th innings, but can’t drive in the go-ahead run. Huge break for the Cubs.

Cotts relieves Dempster in the seventh and promptly issues back-to-back walks. Marmol, thankfully, gets out of the jam persevering a one-run lead.

Why can’t this Cubs bullpen get the messages? THROW STRIKES!

The Cardinals lineup is going to get its runs, so it’s up to Chicago to wear out the Cards’ pen.

Cubs didn’t take advantage Thursday and lost. Friday and Saturday the Cubs rally against the bullpen for victories. The same goes for Sunday night. says there’s a 60-plus percent chance for rain Sunday evening. Any weather delays and I’ll be checking out the new Captain Morgan Club (this time I’ll have my camera and will post a few pics of the new digs).

  • Notes: Cubs (7-4) Tied 1st
  • W: Guzman (1-0) L: Reyes (0-1)
  • Of Soriano’s five home runs this season four have put the Cubs ahead on the scoreboard.
  • In his three starts this season Ryan Dempster has allowed three home runs.
  • The right-hander was a guest ‘Shoot the Puck’ contestant during the Blackhawks playoff game against Calgary Saturday night. Hawks won 3-2 and lead the best of seven series (2-0).
  • Jay Cutler drops the ceremonial first puck at the Hawks game Thursday night and then sings the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Saturday.


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3 responses to “Aramis The Man

  1. I question the fact that there isn’t competition for the job as best clutch hitter. Soriano, as you stated in the notes, has four home runs that have given the Cubs the lead. The fifth sent the Astros game into extra innings. Ramirez is definitely more consistent as a hitter, but clutch may be a toss up.

  2. Brian, I went to the game yesterday and it was a blast. You just get a feeling that when it is Aramis’ turn to bat in a clutch situation, he is going to come through more often than not.

    This staff needs to cut down on the walks. They were fortunate to get out of a couple of jams yesterday following those leadoff walks. Cotts looked terrible…again. They can only ask so much of Marmol as the season goes on.

  3. bullpenbrian

    Kevin, as always, thanks for checking out the post…and for having an opinion too. It’s more fun that way:)

    To begin, there’s no doubt Soriano has been clutch for the Cubs lately…lately being the key. But ask any Cubs fan who they’d want at the dish in a game-winning situation and they’ll tell you Aramis.

    Sure, during the past two seasons Soriano has delivered some game-winning hits, but he’s nowhere near Aramis’ success rate, in my opinion.

    That said, if there’s a player who loves the lime light and dramatic moments equally as Aramis it’s Alfonso. And if Soriano stays healthy, a big if, perhaps he’ll give Ramirez a race for delivering in the clutch…but I’m keeping my bet on Mr. RBI.

    The other advantage I’ll give Aramis is defense. It’s usually easier to remember game-winning home runs, but Aramis’ glove turns the trick far more often at the hot corner than Soraino’s leather in left.

    As I like to say DEFENSE MATTERS!!!

    Furthermore, I’ve made similar cases to this one about who the Cubs starting ace is: Zambrano or Dempster.

    Bottom line is, it’s simply wonderful that such a debate even exist for the Cubs.

    So let’s agree on this…doesn’t matter what Cub gets the game-winning hit, just win the game when the opportunity knocks. Aramis, Soriano, who cares!


    REX, couldn’t agree more about the walks. It’s a glaring issue at this point. Are changes coming to the bullpen soon? I think so.

    Cotts was on a short leash to begin with. He’s walked six of the nine batters he’s faced. And one more outing like his last -two batters, two walks- and it’s very likely he’s headed back to Iowa.

    Although, Cotts’ one saving grace is his left-handedness. If Cotts goes the Cubs are basically left with a south-paw in the pen. Of course, there’s always Marshall, but he’ll be a staple in the rotation with the beginning of 20 games played in 20 days starting Tuesday.

    I said before the season that I’d put Samardzija in the rotation and keep Marshall in the pen. He’s far more valuable than Cotts getting left-handers out and has more durability as well.

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