The Milton Bradley Game


From day one I’ve not been in favor of the Milton Bradley signing. I’m a firm believer in clubhouse chemistry and I also favor high-character guys over the self-centered gaudy statistics guy.

Basically, Milton Bradley doesn’t fit on my team, never will.

Of course, come September I hope M.B. proves me wrong. And, if that’s the case, I’ll fess up to striking out on this one, which, is only fair if you’re going to say ‘I told you so.’

But here we are, 11 games into the Milton Bradley era and the Cubs are getting exactly what they signed up for…injuries, ejections and distractions.

Geez, three-years and $30 million dollars more to go.

A look at Bradley’s time line with Chicago: injured after six games, ejected for bumping an umpire during the Cubs’ ninth game and finally, an appeal of his two-game suspension after the club’s 10th game.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Yet, here’s the rub. We know Bradley is nursing a sore groin, so if he simply takes responsibility for his actions and serves his two-game suspension it does little harm to the Cubs’ lineup. After all, due to his injury, Milton isn’t going to play anyway. Case closed.

But not Milton, oh no, he’s appealing this bad boy…even if it comes at the team’s expense down the road.

Sure, Milton had every right to be upset with home plate umpire Larry Vanover’s missed calls Thursday. BUT YOU CAN’T BUMP THE UMPIRE, PERIOD!

Milton has no leverage in his appeal and it doesn’t matter what the calls were behind the plate…YOU CAN’T BUMP AN UMPIRE.

Cubs say they support Bradley’s decision to appeal the suspension…but, what other options do the Cubs have….they’re left to coddle Bradley for years to come.

The Cubs have one agenda this season, that being a return to post season play and winning games in October. To do this you need all 25 guys working on the same page and buying into the ultimate goal of winning a ring.

As I said before the season…if there’s anything keeping the Cubs from reaching its ultimate goal it could very well be the starting right fielder.



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2 responses to “The Milton Bradley Game

  1. tom

    I didn’t like the signing either but leave the guy alone.Ever since he signed ,The media is just hoping something happens The guy just wants to play ball and be left alone.I don’t think anyone should talk to the media.All they do is create problems and try to urge people to go against players they single out with the negative B.S.they write.I applaud anyone who refuses to speak to the media and I don’t think teams should have to be required to talk to the media after a game.They ask the same stupid questions all the time.What went through your mind when he hit that pitch over the wall to win the game?Real intelligent question.Wat do you yjink went through his mind Stupid?

  2. bullpenbrian

    Tom, thanks for checking out the article and sharing your opinion.

    I fully recognize that your frustration with the press is shared by many fans. However, what needs to be better understood is Bradley built his sour reputation, not the media.

    A good journalist reports facts…and Bradley’s volatile history throughout the course of his career is not fabrication.

    It’s unfair to find fault with reporters for detailing Bradley’s poor decision making when the guy flies off the handle on a continuous basis.

    Remember, Milton is a grown man, a professional, who’s responsible for his actions the same way you and I are.

    The media, myself included, isn’t picking on Bradley, and we don’t have too, Milton creates his own troubles.

    I have no qualms if Bradley chooses not to address reporters, but that’s his problem if he finds it an annoyance.

    He’s in a high-profile business where people pay big bucks to watch him perform…when the guy’s going good we want to know why, when he’s struggling we want to know why and when he barks at fans we want to know why.

    And if such interest is a distraction for Milton while earning millions of dollars he’s in the wrong field professionally.

    Tom, you have every right as a fan to get an explanation…YOUR MONEY SPENT CONSUMING BASEBALL HELPS PAY PLAYER SALARIES!!!

    The same goes for learning the truth about steroid use in baseball. Fans have every right to know what actually took place, but that doesn’t happen if reporters don’t ask the ‘why.’

    Know this, MLB doesn’t exist without the media, it goes hand in hand. Stop blaming the media and start holding the Bradleys of the game responsible for their poor behavior.

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