Cubs Are Lost Without Lilly

Los Angelescubs

Ted Lilly continues to be the Cubs’ best stopper. And once again, he was big-time Friday afternoon!

Not to mention, if the Cubs’ season ever hinges on winning one game I’d take Lilly over anyone else in Chicago’s rotation.

Let’s not call Lilly’s outing a season saver, but it’s pretty close. Had the Cubs lost, chances are they’re entering June no better than .500 and five games back in the Central. That’s not playoff baseball.

Soriano says his left knee is bothering him, and his number show it. He’s just 5-for-36 in his last nine games, and that’s magnified with the absence of Aramis’ big bat.

Any warning flag with Alfonso’s legs has to be taken seriously. I’d sit Soriano through the weekend in favor of Johnson or Fox in the outfield.

Until Friday, Ryan Theriot had appeared in all 46 games this season, including 44 starts at shortstop. The guy’s been productive, but that’s too many games without a break.

I like that Hill was swinging for the fences in the seventh. This team can’t buy a run with RISP–0-8 Thursday and 1-9 Friday.

If the Cubs manage a series split they leave for Atlanta in decent shape. But, once June rolls around this woeful .500 ball won’t cut it.

I say shame on baseball fans if Manny Ramirez is voted into the All Star game. And, shame on Bud Selig if he allows Manny to participate.

Does there really need to be a rule stating players guilty of cheating are not eligible for the Mid Summer Classic?

In fact, as acting commissioner I’d take it a step further and ban any player caught doping from ever participating in the All Star game.

Your thoughts?

  • Cubs (24-23) are in fourth place.
  • W: Lilly (6-4) L: Billingsley (6-3) S: Gregg (8)
  • Chicago is (8-11) since Aramis landed on the DL.
  • The Cubs are (7-5) with Koyie Hill as the starting catcher.
  • Lilly has won four straight at home.
  • He also leads the rotation in quality starts with seven.


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2 responses to “Cubs Are Lost Without Lilly

  1. twdun

    Everything possible has gone wrong for the cubs this year and they are still hanging around. Maybe they will get it going

  2. bullpenbrian

    They better get it going or their postseason will be over by July!

    Not to sound too harsh, but it’s true.

    And at some point, this club has to make some of its own breaks.

    Mainly, they’ve got to start scoring runs more consistently.

Your thoughts?

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