Lou vs. Milton Bradley

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Many moons ago I made a prediction.

I said Milton Bradley would keep the Cubs from winning a World Championship this season.

Through the first three months Bradley has held up his end of the deal.

His lack of hitting has gone hand-in-hand with his lack of professionalism. His blame-game is in full swing, and worse, he’s quickly dividing the Cubs’ clubhouse.

When teammates rip one another publicly, it’s a sure fire sign the team’s chemistry is off the mark (yes, I believe in clubhouse chemistry).

Thank Bradley for igniting the recent press barbs, and thank his teammates for leaking them out from behind the sacred walls of the clubhouse!

Unfortunately, the Lou vs. Milton situation has all the potential to get worse before it gets any better.

The Cubs’ wins/loss record is sure to keep pace with all the drama–at least, it has to this point.

What’s for certain is the Cubs’ offseason signing of Bradley was stupidity, plain and simple.

Jim Hendry and company saw what they wanted to see in Bradley: a changed man.

You, me, and the rest of the baseball world knew better than to believe such rubbish.

There’s no changing a man with a troubled past by giving him $30 million bucks.

Sorry Cubs, you made this mess, you can clean it up.

  • The Cubs (35-36) are in fourth place.
  • W: Jenks (2-2) L: Marshall (3-6)
  • Nine of Chicago’s last 10 games have been decided by two runs or fewer.
  • For the season, 53 percent of the Cubs’ games have been decided by two or fewer runs.
  • Dempster has allowed a home run in 10 of his 16 starts.
  • In eight of his starts he’s received two or fewer runs of support.
  • The Cubs and White Sox have split the all time series evenly at 35-35.

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