Curtis Granderson Cubs Centerfielder

The Cubs need a centerfielder; Curtis Granderson is the best player available.

I’m all in favor of a trade. Granderson is a smart player, an energy guy and a terrific teammate.

I couldn’t care less that he’s a hometown kid from Lynwood, either. Doesn’t even factor into my thinking.

More importantly, it’s about the talented package of players Jim Hendry will have to assemble to get the budding 28-year-old star from Detroit.

I’d sign off on any trade package including the likes of Jake Fox, Jeff Samardzija, Tyler Colvin, Jeff Baker, Sam Fuld, Andres Blanco, Micah Hoffpauir, Aaron Heilman or Sean Marshall.

It apparent, however, the biggest key is the prospects…specifically, the Cubs’ top-prospects.

Trading away the farm is always a gamble, but the Cubs window to win a championship is right now. That alone makes a Granderson deal worth the risk of trading future talent.

The knock against Granderson is that he doesn’t hit lefties well, which is true given his .184 average against southpaws last summer, but I say, so what?

The Cubs have the best hitting instructor in baseball. And if Rudy Jaramillo gets Granderson straightened out we’re all talking about an MVP-type player in centerfield. In the meantime the club can re-sign Reed Johnson to platoon with Granderson vs. left-handers.

It’s a big-deal all around: big contracts, big prospects and big stakes.

But the Cubs are in a good spot for such drama. Amazingly, they’re clubs out there who want to trade for Milton Bradley. There’s also a new owner in town who wants to win, and a centerfielder available who can make a huge difference in the Cubs’ chances to return to postseason play.

Jim Hendry can’t be careless in whom he deals, especially with the prospects, but this is a deal that should be made nonetheless.



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2 responses to “Curtis Granderson Cubs Centerfielder

  1. Great breakdown from the Cubs perspective.

    It’s always a risk trading away the farm system, but rarely does a player of Granderson’s caliber become available. He can do it all, and despite his poor showing at the plate last season, Granderson is still a threat with the stick. Simply moving him down in the order would help him tremendously, as he is not a lead-off hitter.

    As a Tigers fan, it will be sad to see him go.

  2. bullpenbrian

    If – and it’s a BIG IF – Granderson is indeed traded to the Cubs, I still think Detroit gets a sweet deal in return.

    You don’t trade a guy like Curtis without getting a lot in return…and that includes both some proven and unproven talent.

    Obviously, you can’t as easily replace Granderson’s leadership through a trade as you can his talents, the same way Derek Lee figures in with the Cubs.

    But I can’t fault Jim Hendry too much, however, if he decides to hold onto his top prospects and refutes a trade. It’s taken Chicago years to revitalize the farm system…and they finally have some legit MLB prospects at Triple-A Iowa.

    Although, from my perspective the Cubs are positioned to win now. So who cares if they’re full of young talent three or four years from now and still without a championship ring.

    The Cubs’ future IS next season!!! It’s Lou’s last year at the helm, the pitching is there, Rudy Jaramillio is on board and with Granderson Chicago would have a terrific outfield: Soriano, Granderson and Fukudome – Alfonso’s defense aside!

    On the flip side, your sadness of losing Curtis may be short lived if the Tigers in fact cash-in with some of the best Cubs’ best minor league players.

    Now I’m just excited to see how this potential deal plays out!

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