Ken Griffey Jr Resigns With Seattle

I’m glad to see Junior back with the M’s for another season.

His return is a bit of a surprise to me, and unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s the right move either.

Consider that in 117 games last season his average dipped to .214, well below his career average of .285. His defense in center field wasn’t much better, limiting him to strictly a DH role. So it’s interesting Seattle is willing to give the 40-year-old’s tattered wheels another go-round.

At the very least, enough home run power was present to justify Junior being in the lineup, 19 to be exact, and his 57 RBI were serviceable, as well. But when Griffey singled up-the-middle in his last at-bat at Safeco, I figured that was a perfect, and fitting, ending to a most memorable career.

Apparently, Griffey felt otherwise, which is all fine by me seeing as how he’s one of my all-time favorite ballplayers. That’s not to say I’m ready to watch Griffey morph into Willie Mays with the Mets, but if he can prevent embarrassing himself the way Mays did–what the heck, why not one more year?

I’m sure Griffey will keep his retirement close to the vest, as that’s his nature of course, but MLB should do everything in its power to give Griffey a parting celebration worthy of one of the game’s all-time greatest players…whether that’s this upcoming season or next.


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  1. Baseball is the best game in the world. I’m excited about the new season. Should be fantastic.

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