Jake Fox, Aaron Miles Traded to A’s

Jake Fox will be an All Star with Oakland. I really believe he’s that kind of player.

With the chance to play everyday, especially given the DH role, I see Fox hitting 25 HR and driving in 90-plus RBI.

Strangely, the Cubs never had a place for Fox to play, which makes little sense for a player of his talents. And for that I fault Jim Hendry. 

When you hand out bad contracts the likes of Soriano, Bradley and Miles, that’s how you end up with potential All Stars like Fox on the trading block.

So let’s just say it’s not the ideal business model for an aspiring contender.

That reality aside, Jake Fox and Aaron Miles to Oakland for pitchers Jeff Gray, Ronny Morla and blue chip OF prospect Matt Spencer, is a smart move.

Fox’s stock is at its peak and Miles just needed to go after turning in his worst-ever season in the big leagues.

Of course, it never hurts to deal for a couple of young arms and the Cubs also get in return a possible CF of the future and a little cash-back to boot.

Losing Fox hurts, but given the circumstances, it appears Hendry bargained a fair and wise deal in return.



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3 responses to “Jake Fox, Aaron Miles Traded to A’s

  1. Bryan Mckinley

    I know that Fox was a defensive liability, but I just don’t understand this. The guy crushed the ball everywhere he went! Why keep him this long if you weren’t even going to give him a chance to get some real at bats. I’m glad they got some decent prospects, but I’m just frustrated. I’m sure it is mainly because I know he is going to tear it up for the A’s. I think he might even exceed your expectations, but either way I have a hard time seeing him do worse than that.

  2. Forget to mention good riddens to Miles. Cubbies should’ve just kept Derosa. Sad part is my hometown Cleveland Indians get him, they trade him. Both of my favorite teams dumped Derosa in one season!

  3. The other thing I’ll note about Fox is that I don’t believe his defense is as bad as advertised.

    Specifically, if you were only to read the reports about Fox’s backstopping you’d think the guy plays without a glove.

    Not true, of course. The man actually does quite well at turning the routine play at third base, right or left field into outs.

    Listen, I’m always quick to point out DEFENSE MATTERS! But, they’re some players who can make up for defensive miscues with their bats. Soriano, in fact, use to be one of them…not so much anymore.

    Fox, on the other hand, can do this…he just needs a chance. And, like you, I just wish the Cubs would have been able to give it to him.

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