Red Flag For The Cubs

When Bob Castellini purchased the Cincinnati Reds in January of 2006 he promised the city a return to championship baseball.

Since then, however, the Reds have turned in exactly zero winning seasons.

It’s not that Castellini isn’t trying. He broke frugal traditions by signing Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo to major extensions, signed a high-priced manager in Dusty Baker, parted ways with over-valued stars such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn, and sought the services of general managing guru Walk Jocketty.

But until Sunday, when the Reds surprisingly signed the highly regarded 22-year-old pitching phenom, Aroldis Chapman, to a five-year $30.25 million deal —money that would make even the Yankees blush— Castellini had failed to put his money where it counts–with super-talented players.

And in a single move Castellini has advanced the Reds from pretenders to contenders in the NL Central.

Just consider its starting pitching staff of Harang, Arroyo, Johnny Cueto, Edison Volquez, Homer Bailey and lastly Chapman. Can you say best rotation in the division?

It’s true Chapman may be a year away from the majors, and although the Reds’ offense is stacked, the young talent on this team can’t be ignored any longer by the likes of division favorites St. Louis and Chicago.

Just days ago the Reds were nothing more than a third place team in the Central with an overzealous and impatient owner. Now they’re a legitimate threat with the potential to fulfill Castellini’s promise.



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3 responses to “Red Flag For The Cubs

  1. Cal Meacham

    I still question Harang and Bailey and will Volquez bounce back after an injury season? Will Dusty Baker ruin Chapman? I would like the team’s chances in 2011 if Dusty was out of the equation. Check out our NL Central trade breakdown here:

  2. bullpenbrian

    All interesting thoughts, Cal. Dusty’s tendency to ride his pitchers longer than he should will most definitely factor into the Reds success.

    But, I’ve never been a Dusty hater, even as a Cubs guy. He has a history of winning, and of course, every team is dependent on healthy and bounce-back seasons from its staff.

    The Reds have just enough talent overall to compete. And, if they can swing a trade for Phillips or Harang they’ll be even better. Walt Jocketty is a master of his craft. Castellini willing, Jocketty will make the necessary moves to keep the Reds in contention.

    Most importantly, Cincy has the starting pitching, which also includes a very solid bullpen, as well. And while the rest of the NL Central may not take the Reds seriously, I do and the Cubs should, too.

    Hey man, thanks for checking out the article!

  3. MexicanThypoon

    Lets be real… Baker is gonna blow Chapman’s arm out in a month

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