Ryan Theriot Deal $2.6M

Ryan Theriot is handeling the loss of his arbitration case with class–at least for the time being.

He will be paid $2.6M for the upcoming season, more or less confirming Theriot is an average shortstop who will be paid accordingly.

Theriot was quick to point out there’s no bitterness on his end. I say, hogwash–how could there not be?

He’s been the starting shortstop for three seasons, helped the Cubs win two division titles and has shown improvement to his game each season. Although I tend to believe Hendry’s offer was a fair one, Theriot’s got to feel cheated.

The Southern Gentleman in Theriot seemingly has him taking the high road. So far there’s been no low-blows towards Jim Hendry, his eventual replacement at short, Starlin Castro, or the Cubs.

I respect that immensely, and I’ll root for Theriot even more because of it.

In a perfect world such class would be worth one’s asking price. But in baseball’s world the Cubs’ win is Theriot’s loss.


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