There Ain’t No Stinking Cub Curse!

If a 102-year championship drought won’t break your Cubs loyalty, what will?

James Wolfe and Mary Ann Presman explore such a scenario in their newest book titled Curse? There Ain’t No Stinking Cub Curse and Other Stories about Sports and Gamesmanship.

Like a top-of-the-rotation dynamo, Wolfe & Presman pitch eleven clever, humorous and imaginative short stories ranging from the Cubs’ Curse to habitual swearing on the golf course!

Not only will you laugh out loud, but you’ll also reflect on some of the toughest questions we often forget to ask ourselves as fans and sportsmen.

How, in fact, would you react if Tom Ricketts raised ticket prices into the thousands, installed an exploding scoreboard in center field and sold the naming rights to Wrigley Field? Would you still come out to Wrigleyville?

What if Ricketts cut a player to put himself on the 40-man roster?  Would such outlandish behavior from the owner be tolerated? Or would remaining a Cubs fan simply be too much to handle?

And what if, in addition to Ricketts’ buffoonery, he also brought the Cubs its first World Championship since 1908. Is that all one needs to stomach a highfaluting, showboating, son-of-a-bitch owner of the Chicago Cubs?

Not sure? Read the book to get your answer! I got mine with many chuckles along the way, too!

Curse? There Ain’t No Stinking Cub Curse and Other Stories about Sports and Gamesmanship has reached as high as No. 4 on Amazon’s sports genre best selling list.


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One response to “There Ain’t No Stinking Cub Curse!

  1. He better win the championship FIRST — THEN we’ll see if he can do any of the other stuff!

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