Zambrano’s No Ace

Hate to say it, but this was typical Zambrano. Big game, big moment, big bust.

I’ve said it for three seasons: Z is not the staff ace–Ted Roosevelt Lilly is.

I understand it’s one game, one bad outing. But Zambrano, unfortunately, has proven his emotions are in control, not his brain.

That’s not the mark of an ace or the guy you want on the hill in a big game or a guy you pay $19M per year. He’s a No. 5 starter with No. 1 stuff and that’s a shame.

Carlos has thrown six-consecutive Opening Days–he’s won just once. His other starts were nothing to write home about, either. Put Zambrano where he belongs, which certainly isn’t the No.1 for 2011.

Meanwhile, the bullpen. Just call’em the 666 Club.

Six runs, six hits, six walks…from Russell, Samardzija & Berg. Blame jitters, or simply inexperience. But these kids have to execute strike pitches. Monday was a pitiful effort collectively.

No to mention, the pen’ addressed all the fears I had coming into the season. Mainly, the inability to get the game to Grabow and Marmol, even had Zambrano made a respectable start.

Marlon Byrd, on the other hand, made a huge splash! Great confidence for a guy trying to find his niche and make a good first impression.

Aramis, very thankfully, looked comfortable at the plate, as well. He’s the driving force of this offense…we know what happens without him.

President Obama’s first pitch was closer to the strike zone than anything Samardzija threw, but it definitely wasn’t the worst Opening Day pitch ever. See video below!



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3 responses to “Zambrano’s No Ace

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Give Lilly the ball on Opening Day 2011. Where’s the petition? I’ll sign

  2. bullpenbrian

    For real…I knew I wasn’t the only one seeing the light!
    If Zambrano wants to be an ace he should take notice of Buehrle, Halladay and Lincecum–now that’s how you pitch on Opening Day!
    Heck, Z could simply take a look at his own teammates…like Dempster, who again pitched like a No.1 starter on Wed.
    The hype of Game 1 is too big for Carlos emotionally…same holds true for the playoffs, if the Cubs are lucky enough to make it that far.
    Zambrano has been in the league too long for us to expect a change mentally. Not going to happen.
    Yes, he’s important to this club, just as any other 14-game winner is. But an ace, he’s not!

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