Cubs Desperate For Starlin Castro

Bitter sweet arrival for Starlin.

On one hand, he’s just what the Cubs need–a new spark to energize the club. On the other, it screams desperation.

Bringing a 20-year-old rookie to the big leagues undoubtedly has its drawbacks. If for no other reason than the tremendous ammount of pressure it puts on this kid, not to mention, pressure that significantly changes his learning curve and development as a major leaguer.

The Cubs, quite simply, are asking Castro to be better–and for him to do it sooner.

His spacial talents make him capable of both, but there will be some serious learning curves in between.


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2 responses to “Cubs Desperate For Starlin Castro

  1. A true baseball fan has nnohitg but love for Wrigley Field. Sure, the White Sox have more Championships, but who, outside of Chicago, can recognize their ballpark? And, this is coming from a Rangers fan, where we have one of the best ballparks there is with the Temple. Still love Wrigley, though. And, as the Rangers proved this year, just because the World Series has eluded you for decades doesn’t mean it always will. The Cubs will have their day.

  2. Well said, Shelly. Never been to Ballpark in Arlington, but it’s definitely on my list.

    Last year’s World Series was a killer, KILLER, for Cubs fans too. Anyone but the Cardinals.

    And I thought for certain last October WAS the Rangers day, especially with the back-to-back trips and all.

    Texas looking like a legit contender again this season. Maybe, this is the year…for the Rangers

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