Cubs Throw-Up On 2010 Season

It’s over…there, I said it.

And as a matter of fact, I said it more specifically Friday…lose this home series against the Pirates and the Cubs’ goose is cooked for 2010.

Some don’t want to hear it…others won’t believe it…but it’s mid-May and the Cubs are seven-games below .500…and six back of St. Louis. Game. Over.

Oh sure, they’re far from being mathematically eliminated, but such a comeback actually requires clutch hits…and they’ve yet to do that with any consistency.

This club can’t stop throwing up on itself. Down one run in the ninth, Fukudome triples with one out…but Theriot and Byrd promptly strike out to end the game. Puke!

They’ve lost five straight against Pittsburgh…and who knew that was even possible? I mean, has any team lost five-straight against the Buccos during its decade and a half stay in the basement of the NL Central?

Good teams feast on cellar dwellers…and the Cubs, apparently, are not as good as I anticipated. My gosh, they’ve not only lost the first two games of this series, but they’re in jeopardy of being swept by Pittsburgh FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS SEASON!

It’s one quality start wasted after another…relying on a bullpen that’s marginal at best…and a lineup that can’t score a run to save its life.

Firing Lou isn’t the answer…Rudy Jaramillo is too expensive to let go…and Hendry’s tied his own hands with back-loaded contracts and no-trade clauses.

Am I giving up on the Cubs? Of course, not…but I’m realistic to the idea that the Cubs are already out of the playoff picture…albeit, sooner then than we expected.

There’s still a long way to go this season…but it seems our Cubbies are doomed…one puke bucket at a time.


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