Hard Times For Rich Harden

Twelve starts without a trip to the DL counts as a win for former Cub Rich Harden. But that’s all the right-hander has going for him this season in Texas.

He’s on the brink of being removed from the rotation having lasted six or more innings just twice while allowing 59 hits in 59 innings pitched, and posting an inflated 5.34 ERA. During his last outing Sunday, Harden threw 111 pitches through five innings–all too typical for the 28-year-old–in taking the loss against Tampa Bay.

If the guy pitched with any efficiency he’d consistently be a 15-game winner. But until a team pays him for what he is–a No. 5 starter–instead of what he could be–a staff ace–Harden seems to have no problem pitching five innings for $7.5M dollars.



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2 responses to “Hard Times For Rich Harden

  1. Interesting to see news about Rich Harden that doesn’t include a trip to the DL. Who knows though, maybe his poor play is due to an ‘injury’? Ha
    All I can say is I’m glad the Cubs didn’t keep him!

  2. bullpenbrian

    It could very well be an injury!
    And it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it is.
    Not doubt the Cubs parted ways at the right time!

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