Blackhawk Pride!

I jumped off the couch when Patrick Kane shot the puck. Hands on head, I frantically looked at the back of the net…no puck, no goal light.

Did the puck go in? Did the Hawks just win the cup? Is Pat Kane’s victory lap warranted?

It’s not how I dreamed the Hawks winning Lord Stanley, but forget about dreams, this time it’s for real! Hawks Win!, Hawks Win!

Great sound from NBC gathering the reactions of the Hawk players lifting the best trophy in all of sports. Nothing fake about all the hooting and hollering, just pure unscripted emotion.

Hossa is the second player to hoist the cup, which speaks volumes about what he means to this team. Then Sopel, deservingly so, who was second to none sacrificing his body. Dunkin ‘Teeth’, all seven of them, sacrificed to lift the cup. Seabrook and Bolland celebrating for the first time…John Madden his third, but says this one means the most.

How far the Hawks have come in so little time. My first Hawks game was in 2003. The United Center so empty you could hear the players talking on the ice. Then came Toews and Kane, followed by Rocky Wirtz…a winning season, a playoff birth, Coach Q…the sellout crowds…Chelsea Dagger.

Now a Stanley Cup. Simply, unbelievable.



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2 responses to “Blackhawk Pride!

  1. Congrats to the Blackhawks on a superb season.

  2. bullpenbrian

    Indeed! Go Hawks!

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