MLB 2010 All Star Picks

Here are my starters for the 2010 All Star Game. Sadly, there’s just one Cub, Marlon Byrd, who undoubtedly should be Chicago’s representative.


C – Victor Martinez,

1B – Miguel Cabrera

2B – Robinson Cano

3B – Kevin Youkilis

SS – Derek Jeter

LF – Carl Crawford

CF – Josh Hamilton

RF – Ichiro Suzuki

DH – Vladimir Guerrero

SP – Cliff Lee

CL – Mariano Rivera


C – Brian McCann

1B – Albert Pujols

2B – Brandon Phillips

3B – Scott Rolen

SS – Hanley Ramirez

LF – Andre Ethier

CF – Marlon Byrd

RF – Jonny Gomes

SP – Ubaldo Jemenez

CL – Jonathan Broxton



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4 responses to “MLB 2010 All Star Picks

  1. Michael Puck

    Three Reds in the Starting Lineup, I knew you didn’t loose your roots

  2. bullpenbrian

    These guys earned it!

  3. Michael Puck

    Not sure about Gomes though. Production was terrible after June 12th’s 2 HR 2 HBP game. Went from batting .310 to .280 in three weeks. Not sure if has adjusted to playing everyday.

    I agree with Pujols at 1B, but if the season ended today, is there a better NL MVP canidate (of position players) then Joey Votto?

  4. bullpenbrian

    No question Joey Votto is an MVP candidate.
    If the season ended today, he gets my vote.

    I’m sticking by Gomes:
    -19 multi-hit games
    -RBI every 4.6 at-bats
    -batting above .400 with RISP

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