Soriano Speaks His Mind

Alfonso Soriano takes his fair share of criticism, some of which is deserving, but also comes with the territory of an 8-yr, $136M contract.

No one, however, has ever questioned Soriano’s leadership.

Last year he criticized Milton Bradley’s destructive actions. This weekend he chastised Zambrano for his insane dugout outburst.

In both cases Soriano said what needed to be said…and said publicly what no other Cub would: temper-tantrums are unnecessary and hurtful to the team.

Spoken like a true leader, Soriano delivered his message with diplomacy, without malicious intent, and without it becoming a media distraction.

Granted Soriano isn’t the player he once was, but you couldn’t ask more from a face of the franchise.

He’s a guy who works hard, shows up every day and has played hurt…despite the continuous bashing from media and fans alike.

Even when praise is deserving, as it was Tuesday night for his 2 HR effort, Soriano pays tribute to his teammates…because he understands that one player doesn’t lead a team…but that a single player can destroy one.


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