Cubs’ Best Trade Bait

Carlos Silva is a legitimate All Start…the numbers are there (9-2, 2.96 ERA), the votes were not.

But that doesn’t diminish Silva’s trade value, as noted by Steve Stone this morning on 670 The Score, who confirmed Silva as the Cubs’ most valuable trade piece:

  • He leads the team with 13 quality starts.
  • Is 5-0 with an ERA less than three on the road.
  • Has lasted six or more innings in 13 of 16 starts.
  • Averages a paltry 1.69 walks per nine innings.
  • And holds left-handers to a .169 clip, second best in the majors.

Silva’s stock has never been higher, meaning the Cubs could leverage a sweet deal that would cut roughly $12M off the roster next season by dealing the 31-year-old.

That’s quite the payoff for a guy the Mariners gave away, including $9M, for Milton Bradley!


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