Trading Ted Lilly

Can’t say I’m in love with the Cubs’ idea of trading Ted Lilly then re-signing him this offseason.

The guy’s been the staff ace the past four seasons, and there’s no guarantee he’ll come back to Chicago.

No question Lilly has solid trade value. He could easily bring the Cubs a respectable return–perhaps, a proven middle reliever.

But I’d need more in return to gamble with Lilly’s future as a Cub…and I’m not sold the Cubs can get that from the Mets, who are strongly targeting Lilly, or anyone else.

I’d take the safe route and offer Lilly a new 2-yr deal. He’s earned it…and the Cubs will certainly need him to compete next year.

Chicago has plenty of other trade options–the staff ace shouldn’t be one of them.

Lose Ted Lilly, and you lose a lot!


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