Don’t Trade Gorzelanny

The Cubs should hold onto Tom Gorzelanny.

Two months ago I wouldn’t have said this, but the kid’s earned his keep, despite bouncing between the rotation and bullpen–thanks to Carlos Zambrano.

With Z’s situation completely unstable, why deal a legit No.3 starter whose future promise is on the rise?

Meanwhile, the Cubs’ staff has the second most quality starts in the majors, which they’ve accomplished in large part without Zambrano–Gorzelanny claiming six of those quality starts in his 12 outings.

Keeping Dempster, Wells and Gorzo together (and possibly Lilly) gives Chicago a terrific chance to rebound in 2011.



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2 responses to “Don’t Trade Gorzelanny

  1. jim

    Brian…..Totally agree on keeping Gorzelanny….How about Cashner as a starter. I think our staff would be much better without Rothschild in the dugout. I hope Ryno gets his chance. Hendry screwd him with no top prospects in AAA so he might lose to keep the pressure off Lou. Gues what, it didn’t work & he is winning at Iowa.

  2. bullpenbrian

    Love Cashner as a starter.
    But he could use a little more seasoning.
    The experience he’s getting on the North Side is good though.

    I have no problems with Rothschild.
    Good coach, and his numbers show that.
    But sometimes players tune out the same message.
    If Lou goes, Rothschild might be included in the cuts too.

    No doubt Ryno will get his chance…
    whether or not that’s with the Cubs is yet to be determined!
    If Lou returns for another years(s)…
    wouldn’t be surprised if Ryno is gobbled up by another organization!

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