Will Jim Hendry Trade Ted Lilly?

Ted Lilly has two more scheduled starts before the trade deadline.
Both are against Houston–July 21 & 28.

Lilly made it clear in his meeting with Jim Hendry Thursday
that he prefers to stay with Chicago.

If the Cubs keep winning, chances are he stays, at least
through both starts against the Astros.

But if the Cubs revert back to its first-half form, Lilly’s
most likely gone by the end of next week.

The Met are pushing hard for Lilly, followed by Minnesota
and Tampa Bay. All three teams individually have enough
trade pieces to swing the right deal.

No doubt Hendry feels the rope tightening around his neck.
He’ll be desperate to turn any deal that might improve
the Cubs’ chances in 2011, and Lilly’s his most valuable trade bait.

My gut says Hendry will attempt to sell Lilly on the idea of
trading him for prospects, then re-signing him in the offseason.

It’s a risky move for sure, but Hendry’s in no place to be patient.
With two weeks to save his job, re-signing Lilly this winter
is simply an after thought.


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