A Classic Marmol Meltdown

It’s scary how quickly Carlos Marmol falls apart.
And yet, remarkable how often he escapes his own jams.

The guy’s made an art form out of walking the bags
full, then striking out the side.

But Marmol has to be more efficient and more
accountable than he was Saturday
in the season’s
second half.

Although unlikely, it’s still possible for our Cubbies
to make a little run at the division title.

The starting staff continues to lead the majors in quality
, and the offense is clicking as well as it has all season.

But sustaining aspirations of a second half run means the Cubs
must rely heavily on Marmol to close the door.

Far more than they did in the first half with the closer
getting just six save-opportunities in the Cubs’ last 34-games.

With the clock ticking away on the 2010 season, and the pressure
to win cranked-up, there’s not a better time for Marmol to show he’s legit
closer material…for this season and beyond.


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