Bobby Valentine’s Resume

Texas Rangers
1985: (53-76)…replaced Doug Rader 32-games into the season.
1986: (87-75)…2nd place AL West.
1987: (75-87)…7th place AL West.
1988: (70-91)…6th place AL West.
1989: (83-79)…4th place AL West.
1990: (83-79)…3rd place AL West.
1991: (85-77)…3rd place AL West.
1992: (45-41)…fired & replaced by Toby Harrah.

Norfolk TidesInternational League
1994: (67-75)

Chiba Lotte MarinesJapan
1995: (69-58-3)…2nd place division.
Was fired after leading team to firt winning season in 11-years!

Norfolk TidesInternational League
1996: (76-57)…replaced Mets manager Dallas Green on Aug. 26.

New York Mets
1996: (12-19)…4th place NL East.
1997: (88-74)…3rd place NL East.
1998: (88-74)…2nd place NL East.
1999: (97-66)…Won NL Wild Card, Lost NLDS against Atlanta.
2000: (94-68)…Won NL Wild Card, Lost Subway Series against Yankees.
2001: (82-80)…3rd place NL East.
2002: (75-86)…5th place NL East.

Chiba Lotte MarinesJapan
2004: (65-65-3)…4th place division.
2005: (84-49-3)…Won Nippon Pro Series.
2006: (65-70-1)…4th place division.
2007: (76-61-7)…2nd place division.
2008: (73-70-1)…4th place division.
2009: (62-77-5)…5th place division.

*1970 MVP Pacific Coast League, Spokane Indians.
*Breifly coached for Cincinnati after being fired in Texas.
*Has just two MLB post-season appearances, 1999 & 2000.
*The only man to manage in both the World Series and the Japan Series.
*Awarded 2005 Matsutaro Shoriki Award for his contributions to Japanese basebal


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