Cubs Rocky Mountain Low

Friday night wasn’t just another low-point in the Cubs’ disappointing season. Instead, the Rockies’ 12-runs on 13-hits in the bottom of the eighth sank the Cubs to new lows.

Colorado’s 17-total runs are the most the Cubs have allowed against any opponent in 2010. As are the 12-runs in the eighth for the most runs allowed in any inning this season. The Rockies’ 11-consecutive hits in the eighth also set a MLB record.

Sean Marshall, who’s been nothing short of terrific, allowed five earned runs in the eighth. Andrew Cashner, meanwhile, coughed up six-runs on six-hits without recording an out.

It was the train wreck of the season, which explains, perhaps, why I watched the entire inning unfold. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, and I couldn’t turn away from it, either.

But for those who were fortunate, or smart enough, to tune out, here’s a recap…share my pain, Cubs fans!

Bottom of 8:
–Marshall pitching.

  • Barmes doubled to left.
  • Mora pinch-hitting for R.Betancourt.
  • Mora singled to right, Barmes to third.
  • Fowler struck out.
  • Spilborghs pinch-hitting for S.Smith.
  • Spilborghs struck out.
  • C.Gonzalez singled to right, Barmes scored, Mora to second.
  • Tulowitzki doubled to left, Mora scored, C.Gonzalez to third.
  • Hawpe doubled to center, C.Gonzalez scored, Tulowitzki scored.

–Cashner pitching.

  • Iannetta tripled to center, Hawpe scored.
  • Stewart homered to right, Iannetta scored.
  • Barmes singled to right.
  • Mora doubled to center, Barmes scored.
  • Fowler homered to right, Mora scored.
  • Spilborghs singled to center.

–Schlitter pitching.

  • C.Gonzalez singled to center, Spilborghs to second.
  • Tulowitzki doubled to center, Spilborghs scored, C.Gonzalez scored.
  • Hawpe walked on four pitches.
  • Iannetta walked on a full count, Tulowitzki to third, Hawpe to second.
  • Stewart flied out to center.

Runs: 12, Hits: 13


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