Byrd’s Case For Gold Glove Award

It wasn’t long ago I was clamoring for Marlon Byrd to be an NL All Star. Now I’m doing the same for Byrd’s case to win the Gold Glove Award!

The guy’s shined all year playing the bricks and ivy to perfection in center field. He’s made numerous spot-on rely throws and clutch diving catches to both left & right center field.

Byrd sports a .993 fielding percentage, third best in the NL, has five outfield assists, fifth best, and has committed just two errors in 274 total chances (among center fielders)!

His 2.76 putouts and 2.81 range factor per nine innings played both rank fourth among NL outfielders, as well.

And who can forget Byrd’s spin-&-throw to nab David Ortiz in the ninth inning of the Summer Classic–which came from right field, mind you!

Put it all together and Byrd is a legitimate candidate to win the Gold Glove. But it won’t come easily. Andrew McCutchen, Shane Victorino, Matt Kemp and Colby Rasmus are also in the hunt.

But if Byrd keeps at it during the final two months, who’s to say he’s not the best defensive center fielder in the National League in 2010?


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