Miami Marlins New Stadium

One of the biggest hurdles keeping the Marlins from becoming a financial power-house is the crummy ballpark that is Dolphin Stadium.

If the Marlins are smart when designing their new park, to be completed by 2012, there’s a strong possibility this organization will transform from frugal spenders in to big-budget contenders.

The club’s historically poor attendance records reaffirm the idea that baseball is not best observed, or enjoyed, while played on a football field in ninety-degree heat–and from terrible site lines, no less.

Building a dynamic stadium located in downtown Miami–a top-10 U.S. market, mind you–could very well allow the Fish to thrive financially under the retractable roof of a baseball only facility.

Quite frankly, it’s astonishing the city didn’t approve a new stadium sooner given Miami’s warm climate and its Latin flavor, which simply adores baseball.

But strictly from a baseball perspective, I believe the right stadium puts the soon to be Miami Marlins in the same financial class as its division rivals in New York & Philadelphia.

Winning, of course, is always of most importance and the Marlins are no strangers to championship teams. They’ve reached the summit twice, and more noteably, doing it once on a belt-busting budget and once on a shoe-string budget.

A new stadium with new unis and a revitalized fan base is sure to draw some of the most coveted talent in the major leagues, only this time around the Marlins will be able to reasonably afford its players long-term.

Of course this all sounds crazy right now, but if you don’t believe it, you soon will.


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One response to “Miami Marlins New Stadium

  1. Sadly I don’t think a new ball park will save this team. Most of the season ticket holders will have a longer drive to the games as they move the team further South than they already are. Don’t forget, many of the people living in FL are transplants from the North. Attendance may increase but it will be more fans coming to see the Mets, Cubs, and AL teams as they come through Miami. The organization should have made Broward County(central to the tri-county area) their focus…

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