Carlos Zambrano Is Fool’s Gold

Big Z has been terrific on the mound since returning from knucklehead rehab–
(4-0) in six starts. But I’m not buying the ‘new & improved’ Carlos.

Why should I?

The man’s been fool’s gold for years.
He has great pitching ability, but maintains the temperament of a five-year-old.
That alone has limited Zambrano’s success, hurt his team and divided a clubhouse.

I’d love to give Carlos kudos for finding help, but it was Major League Baseball and the Cubs that forced his hand into treatment for anger management–not Z.

So why believe Z’s latest apology for amateur behavior is any more genuine than his last, or the one before that one?

The best part of Zambrano’s resurgence is his trade value this offseason.
A physically healthy Zambrano is a blue-chip trading piece for Jim Hendry.

Of course, Z’s unstable mental toughness and whopping $91M contract greatly depreciates his overall value, but trade options will remain available.

If Seattle came calling for Milton Bradley, the Giants Jose Guillen, and the White Sox Manny Ramirez, certainly there’s a trade match for El Toro.

It’s time Zambrano and the Cubs both agreed on a change of scenery.
Even a solid September can’t repair the damage Z caused in 2010.
Cut your losses Cubs and move on. No doubt you’ll be better off without him.


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