Quade, Castro & Soto

–So Mike Quade is showing the Cubs he can bench star players, too.

Fredi Gonzalez, a reported leading candidate for the Cubs manager position, gained much support for his benching of Hanley Ramirez earlier in the season with Florida. Shortly after, however, Gonzalez was fired by the Marlins.

Quade sat Starlin Castro on Monday after the rookie forgot how many outs there were in the seventh inning of Sunday’s awful 18-5 loss against St. Louis.

It’s a fitting punishment for Castro, who needs to learn star players can’t take plays off, no matter the score of the game.

–Castro has been red-hot at the plate since July 10th. He has the most hits (76) and doubles (20) of any other player in baseball during this stretch.

–Geovany Soto, who had the game-winning home run on Monday, has basically flown under the radar this season. But the catcher has posted decent numbers through his 89 starts–.284, 17 HR & 51 RBI. All said, it’s been a nice rebound year for Soto after his debacle of a sophomore season–.218, 11 HR & 37 RBI.

On top of his rededication to staying in shape, Soto has also refined his plate discipline posting an on-base percentage of .398–34-points higher than his ROY season in 2008.

The catcher has smartly got his act together in time to show Jim Hendry he’s worth a multi-year deal this offseason. He’s currently signed through the season for $0.575M.


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2 responses to “Quade, Castro & Soto

  1. Mike

    What happens when Soriano or A Ram dog it? I doubt Quade would do squat! This was a mental lapse, not a lack of hustle. One game should be enough. What point is there to sit Castro 2 games for this? Quade has no chance for the job and I hope he doesnt screw up Castro. If I were the owner, I would fire him right now!

  2. bullpenbrian

    Lack of hustle, mental lapse…what’s the difference?
    If you’re not in the game 100-percent, you shouldn’t be playing to begin with.

    Benching a veteran star vs. Castro is more of a gamble for Quade.
    He needs the veterans support to gain the full-time manager’s position.
    Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t do it, but such a move could easily cost him a job he covets.

    Castro, however, is young and still aims to please.
    Like a sixth grader, he still wants the teacher’s approval!
    Correcting a pup like Starlin is more acceptable with the veterans, too.

    If Quade does, in fact, get the manager’s job, I wouldn’t doubt he’d be more inclined to bench A-Ram or Sori.
    He would have the job security to do so. But right now Quade is very replaceable, which isn’t the case for Aramis & Soriano.

    No need for Tom Ricketts to fire Quade for teaching Castro a lesson.
    The Cubs have played well under Quade and could do without any further distractions.

    We’re all frustrated right now, no doubt.
    Thankfully, in less than a month we can put this season to rest.
    Whether Quade ends up the manager for 2011 or not, I’m glad the man is doing his best to see the Cubs finish on a high note, which sadly, is better than what we would have got from Lou.

    Thanks for checking out the article and commenting!

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