Cubs End 2010, Playoffs Begin

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

Never had the Cubs making the playoffs this year.
Not with a bullpen full of rookies and Ryan Theriot at SS.
But I did project 85-wins and a second place finish in the Central.
My bad.

Never thought Carlos Silva would pitch so well.
Never thought Soriano would last a full season uninjured.
Never thought Aramis would slump the entire first half.
Never though Mike Quade would be managing the Cubs.

Didn’t realize just how talented Tyler Colvin is.
Didn’t realize just how ready Starlin Castro was.
Didn’t think the Cubs would trade its ace Ted Lilly.
Didn’t think Zambrano would remain a Cub through August.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don’t.
But that’s baseball, and better, that’s life as a Cubs fan., however, fared far better than our Cubbies.
The blog set monthly records for hits through most of the season.
I’m grateful for your readership, emails and comments.

In a way, I can’t believe the season is over.
Yes, given the Cubs record, it’s felt that way for a few months now.
But no Cubs baseball tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that,
stinks a little bit.

The offseason for Chicago is sure to be interesting.
Lot’s of questions, speculation and decisions.
Cubs baseball is about to become fun again.
Thanks for joining me on the ride!



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2 responses to “Cubs End 2010, Playoffs Begin

  1. Douglas Heeren

    I don’t really watch the playoffs if the Cubs aren’t playing. Trading Lilly was a big mistake. Next years lineup will be(I hope). 1b-Dunn, 2b-Dewitt, ss-Castro, 3b-Ramariz(healthy for once), lf-Soriano, cf-Byrd, Rf-Colvin, C-soto(also healthy), starters-Z, Coleman, Dempster, Wells, maybe the shark, closer-Marmol. The Cubs may in for a few moves like adding a traditonal lead off guy, with speed and high OBP. I think the starters just need work to get sharp and in Wells and the Shark, fine tune their mechanics some. I really hope Dunn comes to the North Side.

  2. bullpenbrian

    I love playoff baseball, and the nervousness that comes with hanging on every pitch.
    Baseball is at its best in October, except for the fact that we seemingly see the same few clubs compete each year.
    Thrilled Texas, Tampa & Cincy are dancing. It’s new blood, and the playoffs need it more than ever.
    I’m not big on expanding playoff baseball, but my gut says the league will do so this offseason.
    It would probably go a long way in drawing in more fans, like yourself, who tune out October.

    I’ve always said if the Cub traded Lilly it would be dang-near impossible to get him back.
    Sure, the Dodgers divorce situation plays in Hendry’s favor to recover Lilly, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
    I have mixed feeling for Adam Dunn. Good teammate, plays everyday, puts up terrific numbers…awful defensively, expensive contractually, and he’s feast or famine at the plate.
    But let’s put it this way, if Dunn shows up in Wrigleyville, you won’t hear me complaining…too much!

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