Happy Halladay!

I’m happy for Roy Halladay.
Happy he made it out of Toronto.
Happy he ended up on a contender.
Happy he’s found continued success.
Happy he’s getting the attention he deserves.

Masterful performance Wednesday.
Reds were off-balance from start to finish.
Lots of swinging strikes.
Travis Wood, the pitcher, made the best contact all day–a fly out to right field.
I’d say Roy Halladay won himself a Cy Young Award, too. (Wink! Wink!)

–Reds fans waited 15 years for this day. And many more, I suppose, would choose to wait longer than watch the Redlegs make forgettable history. But the series is far from over.

St. Louis kicked Cincy in the teeth earlier this season, and look where that got them. There’s also the veteran leadership of Edmonds, Rolen & Rhodes, who have all been through tough playoff series. It’s simply a Game 1 loss, not a clinching loss or a home loss. No-hitter aside, it’s not over yet, people!

–Love Cliff Lee. He, like Halladay, was under-appreciated for a long time. During the last year he’s endured many difficulties professionally–trades, new cities, new homes, new teammates, new manager. But the guy just perseveres. He’s the best pitcher in baseball. Always strong in the clutch. Worth every penny. I love watching him pitch.



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6 responses to “Happy Halladay!

  1. Reds are going to need to score early tomorrow. They can’t go too many more innings of being shut out. If they can keep things close they will always have a shot at facing Lidge in the late innings. At that point it will be anyone’s game.

  2. C

    If Halladay does not get the Cy Young now, (he already deserved it before last night) someone should go to jail for grand theft.

  3. Pickle

    I can’t argue that Halladay’s performance was impressive, but I still hold out hope for the Reds. Although there is a bit of the old feelings that Cincinnati teams will always disapoint in the post season; I like that you point out that there is still a lot of leadership to carry the Reds out of their loss, and hopefully to the next series.

  4. bullpenbrian

    Charlie Manuel has compared the Reds to his 2007 Phillies club.
    A team that was mostly young and inexperienced.

    It showed that postseason in Game 1 of the NLDS against Colorado.
    Philly’s first four hitters combined to go 0-for-15 with 12 Ks.
    And the Rockies quickly swept the series.

    Despite an awesome offense, the Reds confidence took a major blow Wednesday.
    You’re spot-on about needing some early runs.
    If they fall behind again, they’re almost certain to start pressing at the plate.
    This is the moment for Joey Votto…and what being an MVP is all about.
    You’ve got to shoulder the load and carry the team…hitting an early HR would do the trick!

    At this point, making it to Lidge would be a small victory for Cincy.
    A late game comeback against the closer would swing momentum their way, which is huge in October.
    But first, the Reds have to get there!

  5. bullpenbrian

    Mr. C:
    Halladay sealed the deal Wednesday.
    Seriously, how you could not give this man a first place vote!

    That said, others are well deserving of consideration:
    Jimenez, Wainwright, Hudson, Carpenter.
    But Halladay clearly separated himself from the field with his second no-hitter this season.

    If the baseball writers disagree, count me in to help wrangle the guilty parties!

  6. bullpenbrian

    The veteran leadership will help Cincy, no question.
    But now’s the time for Joey Votto to shine.
    He’s the league’s MVP, the Reds’ big-gun, the man they’re counting on to right the ship.

    Joey Votto needs to put the Reds on the board early.
    As he goes the Reds go, and that’s what the postseason is all about–stealing momentum and getting the big dawg to eat!

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