Cliff Lee Yankees’ Daddy

I picked the winner of Game 3 to win the ALCS. Texas in the World Series…who would have thunk it?

The series, of course, is far from over, but the Rangers have been in control since the first inning of Game 1. And with Cliff Lee, Ron Washington’s bunch knows anything is possible– including toppling the mighty Yankees.

Lee just makes it look so easy out there. Poised, in control and hardly a sweat to wipe off his brow. The man’s not only dominated this postseason, but holds a career 7-0 record and 1.26 ERA in October. Unreal!

How many pitchers in baseball can do what Lee did Monday night at Yankee Stadium? Eight innings, two hits, 13 strikeouts…against NY…in October. I know this much–not many.

Lee’s been so ridiculous he’s become the first pitcher to achieve double digits in strikeouts three times in one postseason. Which means what?

It means we’re watching one of the best postseason pitchers ever. And for those who are wondering, that is possible for players not wearing a Yankees or Red Sox uniform.



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4 responses to “Cliff Lee Yankees’ Daddy

  1. Douglas Heeren

    Cliff Lee has two things many other pitchers don’t. 1) pinpoint control, 2) movement on his fastball in four directions. Lee can run his fastball in, out, up and down. When you combine this with changing speeds and the fact that the break on his fastball is very late, literally right in front of the plate, it is no surprise that the hitters are not picking up the ball in the hitting zone much if at all. Wouldn’t it be nice for the Cubs to have an extra few millions around and get a Cliff Lee in the off season?

  2. bullpenbrian

    Cliff Lee on the North Side would be amazing!
    He’s one of the few pitchers who would not only fill Lilly’s shoes, but surpass him!
    That said, we know Lee to the Cubs is unlikely, not impossible, but unlikely.
    It’s absolutely terrific for baseball, however, if Lee resigns with Texas.
    In fact, Lee signing anywhere outside the New York market would be a win for the fans.
    And if MLB thinks it’s getting crushed in the TV rating this postseason vs. the NFL, which they are, put Lee in pinstripes and baseball will continue to lose the best of us.

  3. Brian

    I couldn’t agree more. MLB management needs to wake up and see the obvious. The NFL offers a much better product, in large part because of parity. You just don’t see the kind of domination in Football because every team is on an even playing field with the salary cap.

    I can hear Yankees fans now.. Even with all the money, they have only won one WS in the last 5 years. True. But you can be certain each year they will be right there in the AL East. Since the mid 90’s, and that gets VERY old for non-Yankees fans.

    If Cliff Lee goes to the Yankees, I won’t watch single MLB game next year. I am done.

  4. bullpenbrian

    Agree. But again, it’s not about how many World Series NY has won since whenever.
    It’s about smaller markets like Milwaukee & Kansas City (and numerous others) being unable to contend financially.

    I love baseball too much to stop watching because a Cliff Lee signs with New York.
    But I also understand how someone like yourself gets so fed up with the financial inequalities that they quit the game.

    On a similar note, I’ve done the same concerning the college football fiasco.
    The hooting, hollering and overly sensitive college football fans have taken its toll on me.
    I’m through until the NCAA gets its act together with a legit college football playoff system.
    And by that I mean a system that isn’t pay-to-play.

    I haven’t watched a college football game all season, and don’t intend to.
    Judging by the TV ratings for MLB this fall, many baseball fans already feel the same way I do about college football.
    That’s sad, especially considering the fix for both parties is so obvious.

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