Quade Spells End To Sandberg Era

I gave Mike Quade a zero percent chance of managing the Cubs full time. But I’m ready to give the man his due. He made his own break, made the decision not to hire him a tough one and in the end won the job fair and square.

The speculation, however, that Quade’s hire was purely a financial decision is bogus. Jim Hendry’s job security is tied directly to his new manager.

If Quade fails, Hendry goes out the door with him, and probably much quicker than had he hired Ryno. That alone makes me believe even more in Hendry’s decision to pass on Sandberg.

Unfortunately, this decision officially slams the door on Ryno’s tour of duty with Chicago–possible for good. Despite doing all that was asked of him by Cubs management, doing it with success, and waiting his turn, Sandberg was shunned in the end.

He too deserves an opportunity to skipper in the bigs and I have little doubt Ryno earns one by winter’s end. In fact, I’d be greatly disappointed if he doesn’t.

Although Quade was never my choice–I would have gone with Sandberg–I couldn’t be happier for the man. I think his passion will carry over into 2011, which is super encouraging for Cubs fans.

On the other hand, Sandberg represented a clean break from the old regime. And while the Cubs owed him nothing, there’s a fair argument Ryno is a better fit than Quade for the position.

Lord help us if Quade turns into the next Bill Russell and Sandberg the next Mike Scioscia. Any Dodgers fans will tell you how that decision turned out!



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4 responses to “Quade Spells End To Sandberg Era

  1. Douglas Heeren

    I have a relative who lives in Des Moines and has worked for the Iowa Cubs in the front office for several years. She told me a couple of weeks ago that Sandberg was “pretty much ego driven” and that his players ” didn’t care much for him”. If thats the reports the big club in Chicago was getting then it’s no surprise he didn’t get the job. Quade is a players manager and just the fact that he can actually relate to the players and isn’t an old man like the last couple of managers tells me he can motivate. Go Cubs.

  2. bullpenbrian

    To me, Sandberg represented a clean break from the old regime, which I thought was a needed change to the many disappointments over the past two seasons. Regardless of what is, or isn’t said about Ryno, the man earned a chance to be considered for the Cubs’ manager position. Although Quade wasn’t my first pick, he too, has earned my full endorsement, and never more so than when team leader Ryan Dempster voiced is approval of Quade publicly. My hope now is to see Quade bridged the Lou Era with the new Era, which means winning baseball again, but doing it with a younger group positioned for the long haul!

  3. Douglas Heeren

    I agree that the Cubs needed to break from the old regime but to do that they needed to fire everyone below the owners. The Cubs need a new GM real bad. There is enough talent in the minors that the right GM bringing in a few key veterans could bring a division title soon.

  4. bullpenbrian

    Hendry’s had his moments–both good and bad.
    He deserves credit for the division titles in ’07 & ’08,
    the latter being arguably the best club in baseball that year.
    The strong minor league system is his doing, as well.
    And he’s made several really good trades.

    On the other hand, he also deserves fault for the financial woes of the 25-man roster.
    Some bad trades, too, and the Milton Bradley debacle.
    That said, I feel Hendry’s earned his job for another year.

    But now, Mike Quade’s the guy who determines Hendry’s future.
    If Quade sticks around I think Hendry will, too.
    Otherwise, Hendry and company are out of time and luck.
    Your wish could be in the near future!

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