Always Take The Better Pitching

I made the awful mistake of choosing hitting over pitching in the World Series.

I figured Cliff Lee and three games in Texas with the DH would prove too much for San Fran. Instead, the Giants’ stellar pitching has shut down the Rangers’ potent offense, and quite easily at that.

Meanwhile, the Giants continue to do what its done all season–win close ballgames behind terrific starting pitching.

It’s not surprising, of course, good pitching tops good hitting all the time, especially in the postseason. The only surprise for me is that I actually fell for the long ball in October–not wise.

S.F. basically has the series in hand leading 3-1. And even if Cliff Lee is brilliant in Game 5, he’s doubtful to come back on short rest for a possible Game 7.

But heading back to the Bay for a decisive game seems of little possibility given the Rangers must first beat both Lincecum and Cain. And I can’t imagine that happens, either.

Good pitching beats good hitting, especially in the postseason. Lesson learned.



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2 responses to “Always Take The Better Pitching

  1. Douglas Heeren

    I thought when the World Series started that the Giants had more pitching and might be able to win some close games. The fact that many of the Rangers hitters have never seen some of the Giants hitters is a plus for them. I know the Rangers catcher came from SF but how much he can really help the hitters with identifying what the pitchers will throw is an unknown quanity. I would rather sit fastball and adjust to the breaking pitches than have someone tell me all the pitches a guy throws then be at the plate looking for them.

  2. bullpenbrian

    I think the Giants’ veteran savvy was overlooked, as well.
    Renteria, Huff and Uribe put together professional at-bats.
    They’ve been around long enough to know it’s worth waiting for the right pitch.
    Once they did that against Lee it was too much for the Rangers’ staff to overcome.

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