Cubs Need Power Arms

Nine out of the last 13 World Series have lasted no more than five games. A big reason is the significance power-arms played in October.

Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain underscored the importance of such talent again this year. Despite a meager offense, the two dictated the postseason by shutting down the opponent with swing-and-miss stuff.

The Diamondbacks did it with Schilling & Johnson in 2001. Boston had Schilling and Pedro in 2004 and added Josh Beckett in 2007. The White Sox used Mark Buehrle & Jose Contreras in 2005. And Philly went with Cole Hamels & Brett Myers in 2008.

The Cubs, meanwhile, lack a true power arm, let alone a dynamic duo. Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano are good enough to win the division, but shutting down a postseason lineup is questionable.

With all the talk of signing an Adam Dunn or Carl Crawford, more attention should be paid to landing that true ace–that power-arm built for October.

Without one, the Cubs are no better off winning the title than San Fran was before the arrival of Lincecum and Cain.



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3 responses to “Cubs Need Power Arms

  1. Douglas Heeren

    If we have the technology to clone, why can’t we just get about seven or eight clones of Marmol?

  2. bullpenbrian

    Seriously, wouldn’t that be nice.
    Until then, Hendry’s left to do things the old fashion way:)

    Who wins if eight Albert Pujols play eight Carlos Marmols?

  3. Douglas Heeren

    I’ll take Marmol. Albert can only guess fastball so many times. Marmol needs to pickup the forkball as a changeup.

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