Name That Cub!

Played one season with the Cubs hitting 1 HR and driving in 7 RBI.
He was released after 75 games in Chicago and signed with Florida.
Was the last Cub to play 3B before the arrival of Aramis Ramirez.
At age 37 he hit .305 in 122 games with Milwaukee.
Holds the MLB record for most career pinch-hits.
Name that Cub!

Lenny Harris




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2 responses to “Name That Cub!

  1. Douglas Heeren

    He was a real good bat control guy, hard to strike out, slap hitter, some power, took left handed pitchers the other way, would bunt for a hit if the 3rd baseman was back and toward the hole. Probably wasn’t a pitch he couldn’t hit but I do remember Jesse Orasco striking him on on a screwball in-screwball in-slider down and away sequence.

  2. bullpenbrian

    I’ve always thought Harris had the best gig in baseball.
    Get paid a major league salary to come off the bench a few times a week…FOR ONE AT-BAT!
    And isn’t it interesting Harris never caught on as a full time position player?

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