Harry Caray’s Big Crack

Numbers correspond to chart below

I should never be confused as a geologist. But I pretended to be one while taking a closer look at the cracked Harry Caray statue.

Was this merely the accident of a work vehicle that clipped the statue during ballpark upgrades in October, or does this crack run deeper?

Upon further review, the fault line actually began developing years prior to its discovery.

I made the mistake of running my finger along the crevasse. A deep pain ran through my insides. It appears years of Cubs torture has left its mark on our beloved Harry.

Because statues can’t cry, it’s only left to crumble before our very eyes.

The Cubs have but one option to save Harry’s stone memory: turn this sinking ship around or watch Harry topple over for good.

I’ve detailed my findings below. The numbers correspond to the picture I took above. WARNING: Not suitable for all audiences.

1) The 2006 signing of Alfonso Soriano to an 8-yr, $136M contract.
2) The 2007 NLDS sweep against Arizona.
3) The 2008 NLDS sweep against Los Angeles.
4) The 2008 signing of Carlos Zambrano to a 5-yr, $91.5M contract.
5) The December 2008 trade of Mark DeRosa to Cleveland.
6) The January 2009 signing of Milton Bradley to a 3-yr, $30M contract.
7) The January 2009 signing of Aaron Miles to a 2-yr, $4.9M contract.
8) Big Z’s big June meltdown towards D-Lee.
9) The late season trades of both Derrek Lee & Ted Lilly.
10)Sweet Lou’s early retirement.



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4 responses to “Harry Caray’s Big Crack

  1. Douglas Heeren

    When I saw the headline I fugured you had an old photo of Harry bending over with his pants have down. Darn shame some idiot rammed the statue. I have a few old Cubs games from the 80’s on VHS and I think I am going to watch a few just to hear Harry again.

  2. bullpenbrian

    It’s funny you say this because every time I hear Harry I remember how much we miss him.
    Wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to look into some Cubs DVDs with Harry, too.
    I’ll vouch that Caray’s CD from Pat Hughes play-by-play series is terrific!

  3. Douglas Heeren

    There’s some neat stuff on the Chicago Baseball Museum website. The last couple of Thursdays the MLB Network has had the Ken Burns Baseball Series om at 7pm.

  4. gposner

    Hairy had a huge crack, did crack and was cracked..Seriously, does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care…about time?

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